The Oberon


The Oberon is a Ghtroc 720-class freighter. The freighter had been in commission for a number of years under the helm of a number of captains. However, it has fallen into disrepair over the past 23 years. Over that time, the ship has seen little, if anything, exciting. While it rolled off the line before the start of the Clone Wars, the freighter didn’t come across any of the action.

After the overthrow of the Jedi Order and the the reorganization of the Galactic Empire, the ship changed hands to Imperial control on Naboo. There it was stationed as a transport vessel for cargo to and from the system. It stayed there for 15 years before being decommissioned and sold off to a third party.

The ship was then captained for the next 4 years as a cargo freighter for Outer Rim worlds. The ship often changed hands and by the time it found it’s last owner, there was barely anything left to call a ship.

The last captain decided to retire and left the ship out to rust. However, it was commandeered by the Rebel Alliance for parts. The Rebels saw more use in it than that though. They stripped the ship of it’s systems and refitted it with basic operating systems. The ship was then put under the command of Captain Chantry Abraxys for his use undercover.

Renamed The Oberon, the ship has recently been dispatched for it’s first official Alliance mission. The ship will operate as a transport and alibi for a small rebel crew tasked with finding new recruits on the back-water world of Tatooine.

The Oberon

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